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Havens GS+

Feeding GS+ will lead to optimal results if the entire feed management is optimized. Concentrates will only come to their justice when a horse has access to sufficient fibres.

It is therefore important to supply unlimited roughage alongside Gastro+. This does not result in horses with bloated stomachs, because GS+ optimizes the gastro-intestinal digestion. The ration helps digestive track and as a result all the available energy can be fully used to deliver performance.

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Symptoms of digestive problems

Horses with stomach ulcers and digestive problems often suffer from inexplicable complaints. Does your horse show one or more of the following symptoms?

• Regularly recurring colic
• Frequently cribbing, teeth grinding or yawning
• Loss of healthy appetite
• Decreased performance
• Lack of energy and passive attitude
• Poor coat condition
• Weight loss
• Bloated stomach
• Soft or sour-smelling manure

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